• October 21, 2020
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Ongoing Projects

As indicated earlier, over the past 30 years TDA has constructed in excess of 670 primary schools, 42 secondary schools, 2 hospitals, 7 health centers and 77 clinics.

As ongoing projects TDA continues to construct:

Education Related Ongoing Projects

  • Implement CMS projects (Convert Makeshift School Facilities to Standard School Amenities): Converting 3,072 makeshift class rooms into standard class rooms;
  • Implement soft programs in primary schools to help children grow better knowing the dignity and history of their genuine Tigrian identity and values of Tigrai and to shape them in a way to cherish their country and people;
  • Establish ICT centers in all secondary schools of Tigray;
  • Execute honor class program in secondary schools that can help outstanding learners enjoy the university preparative educational support given by the most competent students, and university lecturers in a part-time base;
  • Construct 30 additional secondary schools;
  • Establish 12 special secondary schools in 12 mayor-administered major towns of Tigray;
  • Establish Tigrai State University (TSU);

 Health Related Ongoing Projects

  • 4 health centers and 3 health posts
  • Clinics
  • Two Medium Hospitals