• October 21, 2020
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Completed Projects

The purpose behind the establishment of TDA is to contribute to the creation of prosperous Tigray free from the grip of persistent poverty and backwardness rampant in the region.

Since its founding, TDA has achieved tremendous accomplishments in disentangling the key impediments and challenges that have been deep-rooted in Tigrai. To address the problems, it has been implementing various gigantic development projects that have positively significant impact on the improvement of the socio-economic wellbeing of millions of people through enhancing better access to and quality of education and health, women empowerment, job creation, to mention a few.


  • Established and run Kallamino Special Boarding Secondary School for high achiever students (Grade 9 to 12);
  • Constructed and furnished more than 670 primary and 42 secondary schools;
  • Constructed additional class rooms and administrative blocks, latrines and fences in104 secondary and primary schools;
  • Constructed and furnished 21 public libraries in different towns of the region;
  • Constructed portable water in 100 secondary and primary schools;
  • Established virtual computer centers in 36 Secondary schools;
  • Established Offline Digital Libraries (ODLs) in 36 secondary schools;
  • Established and equipped 6 science and technology centers (STCs);
  • Donated hundreds of thousands of reference books and computers to secondary and primary schools;
  • Issued short term capacity building training for teachers and school principals;
  • Implemented two projects namely IEGRS and READCO to improve early grade reading and writing skills of students in 30 woredas-673 primary schools of Tigray and established and furnished 3,111 reading corners, trained 5,636 school principals and teachers; provided the primary schools with 1,488,475 copies of grade specific supplementary reading books; 94,940 alphabets, 333,320 flash cards, 66,817 slates, 2,437 book banks and 342 concrete seating benches for reading shades;
  • Implementing READ II project in 241 primary schools since 01 March 2019 aiming at improving the reading proficiency that leads to educational attainment of 131,093 children;
  • Executing digital education project in 200 primary schools of Tigray with the help of ProFuturo since 08 November 2018 with the aim to enhance quality of education by accessing digital education;
  • Implemented two large soft programs namely BESO-I and BESO-II in 1170 primary schools. Through implementing these two projects for 10 consecutive years, TDA assisted the primary schools to improve their learning environment by providing educational inputs and facilities; capacitated teachers, education experts and the local community to foster their involvement in school activities;
  • Executing Accelerated Learning for Africa project (ALFA project) to provide learning opportunity for children who remained out of school and thereby lagged behind their peers by giving a one-year extensive education and enrolling them in grade 4 afterwards depending their performance;
  • Implemented Thinking School Project in 12 woredas, 24 elementary schools and 13 secondary schools so as to make the teaching and learning process student centered and foster high level of students’ participation;


  • Constructed and equipped 2 hospitals, 7 health centers and 74 health posts to provide basic health services in Tigrai regional state;
  • Implementing a project on health with Rotary International partners since 05 March 2018 to improve quality of healthcare service in the existing public health centers of woreda Saesie Tsaeda Emba through construction of additional blocks and equipping them with medical equipment and furniture;
  • Donated hundreds of thousands medical equipment to health institutions found indifferent areas;
  • Issued short term capacity building training for health professionals and local community leaders;

Women Empowerment

  • Empowered 2,187 women family heads to carry out an income generating activities (IGAs);
  • Executed Civil Society Support Program (CSSP) to increase protection from violence and access to quality education for rural female students via provision of capacity building training, stipend money for female students, income generating activities (IGA). Currently, TDA is implementing Civil Society Support Program II (CSSP-2);
  • In collaboration with A Glimmer of Hope, TDA provided female students from 15 primary and secondary schools found in Laelay and Tahiitay Maichew woredas, central zone such assistance used to build their personality and capacity as washable sanitary pads, soaps, and manuals worth 110 thousand besides 450 thousand birr cash to be used to strengthen female students clubs.

Job Creation

  • Provided technical and vocational trainings for about 7,000 jobless youths to mitigate youth unemployment;
  • Created job opportunities for hundreds of thousands of young men and women in various areas where TDA has constructions of different educational and health projects;