General Assembly

General Assembly

As a membership based organization, TDA organizes annual conferences and general assembly to discuss on implementation of development programs and strategic and annual plans as well as set next strategic priorities. While board members, TDA staff, development partners and representatives of government offices participate in annual conferences, the general assembly that takes place every three years draws representatives of TDA members elected from all chapters and sub-chapters within Ethiopia and abroad.

The general assembly confers on plan implementations, sets strategic priorities vis-à-vis government and local priorities and elects board of directors and members of audit commission.

Board Members and Members of Audit Commission

Accordingly, TDA has organized 11 general assemblies in the past 29 years, and recently elected board members and members of audit commission at the 11th general assembly held from 24-25 October 2011.

1Engineer Tadesse YemaneBoard Chairperson
2Mr. Tsegazeab SolomonDeputy Board Chairperson
3Dr. Engineer Gebremeskel KahsayMember
4Dr. Hansa TeklayMember
5Dr. Tsega BerhaneMember
6Mr. Alem HagosMember
7Dr. Berihu GebrekidanMember
8Dr. Tsegay BerihuMember
9Dr. Solomon KidaneMember
10Prof. Foten AbayMember
11Mr. Yisak GirmayMember
12Mr. Yosuf RajaMember
13Mrs. Yirgalem AsfawMember


  • Mr. Alemseged Kebedew (Chairperson)
  • Mrs. Rahma Abdulkadir (Member)
  • Mrs. Genet Arefe (Member)
  • Dr. Gebrehiwot Gebregziabher (Member)
  • ወMrs. Asefa Lilay (Member)