Business for Development

Business for Development

Directorate Business for Development

This directorate has been organized to enable TDA to engage in income generating activities and its major responsibilities include:

  • Plan and implement strategies that strength TDA income from different business activities.
  • Identify areas for income generating activities.
  • Develop business plans for areas of intervention and make sure that proper procedures for investment are followed.
  • Make sure that separate books of account are kept and profit generated from such business is used to further the goals of TDA.
  • Responsible to the Executive Director.

Under this directorate there are two major areas of activities:

1. Agriculture sector (Kallamino Investment Center). This sector includes

  • Horticulture production – at implementation level
  • Dairy farm production – at implementation level
  • Poultry farm production – at proposal level

2. Real estate sector

  • Hidmona Mall G+8 (Addis Abeba)- It is in practice
  • TDA Mall G+6 (Mekelle) – at proposal level


1. In the Agriculture sector:

  • Introducing of high yielding new technologies such as drip irrigation with its accessories, improved variety of both vegetables & dairy cow.
  • The farm starts to be a center of demonstration, training & business.
  • The farm contributes in supplying different agricultural products to the market in order to fulfill the demand of the community at reasonable cost/price (milk & vegetables).

2. Real estate sector

Hidmona Mall earns 17 Million ETB per annum.