Mr. Teklay Woldemariam

Having joined Jima University in 1996, Teklay did his first degree in Pharmacy and started his first ever job at Kahsay Abera Hospital in the town of Setit Humera. He thenobtaineda second degree in Social Health. Henow turns tobe one of the fruits of Kallamino presently serving his people as deputy head in the regional health bureau.

Sharing his memory of what happened 20 years ago, Mr. Teklay recites the following: Kerseber School was teaching up to grade 7. The students who were a grade higher than ushad to move to Adigrat Meda Agame to learn grade 8 as it was not administered there at the moment. However, when I passed to grade 8, I happened to continue to attend it at Kerseber School for it already started grade 8. Just like our neighbors Asmelash Tsegay, Hailesilase Fitiwi, and Aregawi Mebrahiten, who attended grade 8 at MedaAgame, joinedKallamino Secondary School winning the entrance contest organized by TDA. Since then, I had developed a passion to be like them. And that actually made me work harder, and thus get an excellent result. Then, I managed to get the chance to learn at Kallamino Special Secondary School since I did lots of effort to pass the entrance exam given.

“When I entered Kallamino, I found it very comforting for teaching-learning process. We had brilliant hard-working teachers who deserve to be praised. Generally speaking, the students who learnt in the school weredynamic and competitive because of the seemingly parental follow-up we got from the officials of the school and that of TDA. The existence of suchconducive environment in the school enabled us to help benefit ourselves andthe community as well. Therefore, I would like totake up this opportunity to honor TDA and show that we are always beside it for establishing kallamino School with the aim to eliminate poverty and backwardness from Tigray”, said Mr. Teklay Woldemariam, deputy head of Tigray Regional Bureau.