Leake Enkuay, Dr. Engineer

Dr. Engineer Leake Enquay was born, brought up and attended school up to grade 8 at tabia Saglamen found in the central zone of Tigrai. He learnt from grade 9 to 12 in Kallamino Special Secondary School. He held his first degree from Mekelle Institute of Technology in Electrical Engineering and worked there in as an instructor for a year. One year later, he got a free scholarship in Netherlands from Delft University of Technology and graduated in Master’s degree in Power Engineering. Upon his return, he had to teach in his previous institute for three years.

Three years after his career in the institute, he went again to Netherlands to pursue his PhD program in Eindhoven University of Technology in the field of Electrical Engineering Power Quality. Today, he is a promising scholar of the country.

“TDA is worth a praise for building us up with knowledge to become successful in our life by providing a motherly care while we were in Kallamino Special Secondary School”, recalled Dr. Leake Enkuay. By the time we were students at school, we were regularly visited by the then executive director Mr. Araya Zerihun along with his colleagues. The pieces of advice and encouragement he gave us have still remained in my mind. He motivated us saying, “You are going to be the future hope of the country being able to serve your people. Therefore, you have to work hard and build yourself with knowledge”. And the good thing however was that we didn’t ashame him; rather all of us managed to join university with an outstanding score”. After many of the students including me graduating from various universities, we were able to join higher institutions at national and global levels and became fruitful and competitive,” recounted Dr. Engineer Leake. Currently, he is working as a vice dean of Mekelle Institute of Technology.