Helen Negassi (Medical Doctor)

She was the only female student who had joined Kallamino Special Secondary School at the time. After 4 years’ stay in the school, she acquired complete 4 point and thereby entered Medical College of Mekelle University.

Shortly after she graduated in Medical Doctorate Degree, she went to Greece and worked there for about three years. While she came back to home country, she has engaged in a private business opening dental clinic to make her dream become a reality.The name of this lady is Dr. Helen Negasi who was one of the fruits of TDA. She told us the following about her past memory concerning Kallamino School and the vision of TDA.

Parents have a major role in building the future growth and personality of their children. My parents, especially my father, arising from the aspiration he had for me to become a doctor, took the lion’s share in terms of encouraging me to pursue my education. All the supports he offered me made my efforts accompanied with greatest results. I stood in class from 1st to 5th. The advice my father gave me to study hard in order to become a doctor was part of my daily life and so motivating. Consequently, I was working industriously so as to attain the interest of my father. The reason I studied harder at the time was not only to score excellent mark but also to enter Kallamino Special Secondary School.

The desire to enter Kallamino was not mine only. It was likewise of all the students, parents and the people of Tigrai. The student who learned in the School had a special zeal.People offered special respect and place when they knew that we were the students of Kallamino. And this gave the students, who were attending the School, the strength to work much better. Owing to this, Kallamino students completed 12thoften obtaining the highest score as compared tothe result registered at country level.

This has resulted from the vision TDA hasin light of creating enormous quality educated man power that can assure rapid growth and development. Because of this, giving a great attention, the former executive director of TDA Mr. Araya Zerihun and other officials of Tigrai region were providing special support and follow-up ranging from feeding to teaching-learning process, and furnishing of educational materials.

“The follow-up and support we had received enabled us to become academically outstanding and ethically laudable. And we never embarrassed them, and rather tried our level best to realize their vision by becoming doctors and engineers able to play their key role in the development activities of the country,” explained Dr. Helen Negasi.

We, as members of the society, become beneficiaries of Kallamino Special Secondary School founded by TDA with the objective to help children of Tigrai people learn in order for them to serve and grow. With the positive ground created by TDA, those of us who learnt in the school are now backing up ourselves and our people via engaging in various kinds of business. Thus, the long term vision of TDA has become a reality.As for me, I studied the field I was interested in. I was working abroad before my return to Ethiopia.However, given the fact that it is my civic duty to come and work in my country, I have opened my private dental clinic here in Tigrai to make my living.

I have planned to equip the medical center I opened with skilled manpower and necessary items in the future. If we want to galvanize the existing capacity of TDA to get the people of Tigrai out of poverty, the number of health and educational institutions should be scaled up. This objective can be attained the instance the people of Tigrai and TDA members are on its right side.

“Hence, strengthening the participation I had at school, I wanted to work diligently to reinforcethe capacity of TDA, said Dr Helen Negasi, owner of Helas Dental Clinic Center. She also explained thatshe wants to alertly take part on the activities being carried out to provide essential supports for the students of Kallamino Special Secondary School, maintain its reputation, and produce competent researchers and students.