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TDA Colourfully  inaugurated Awlaelo Secondary School - Wukro and Hawelti Semaetat E-library

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Tigrai Development Association, REST in partnership with A Glimmer of Hope exerted their maximum effort in eradicating poverty & backwardness from our region by implementing short & long term community development programs.

From those programs, Medebay zana integrated community development program is one. Beginning from 2016, TDA, REST & A Glimmer of Hope implemented integrated community based programs to alleviate problems that faced our people. It mainly focused on construction of schools, health posts, and value chains activities such as beehives, agricultural extension activities implemented in the rural community that contribute to improve their economic capacity & break cycle of poverty, and provide better future for our community.

Founder of A Glimmer of Hope, Dona Berber, Executive Director of TDA, Dr. Taddele Hagos, Executive Director of REST, Mr Tekleweyni Assefa, His Excellency president of Tigrai Regional state Abay woldu, woreda & North western administrative officials have attended in the inaugural ceremonies of Medebay Zana ICD phase one program implementations. 

Yemarshet Yemane is vice principal of Adi Baerej secondary school. She said, before the construction of this standard secondaryschool our students were moving to Selekleka & Wukro Maray to attend secondary school program. Those and other related problems had an impact on the teaching & learning process. Those problems also lead our student to early marriage & migrating to the Middle East countries.


Currently, the above mentioned problems are solved. Our students are learning with their family in their home & now they are happy in getting all these access to learn. Thanks TDA and A Glimmer of Hope on behalf Adi Baerej secondary school community & our beneficiary students.


Tirhas Mulu is also 17 years old & grade nine student at Adibaerej secondary school. She said that I am really happy to be a participant at the inauguration ceremony of our school, because before the construction of this secondary school, students from our village are expected to go around 30 and above kilometers to attend secondary school at Selekleka, Wukro Maray and Shire. This is also difficult to us & our family in general. Now, TDA & A Glimmer of Hope constructed the school in our home land & makes our future bright. We are also grateful to TDA & Glimmer of Hope to the timely support.  


Executive Director of TDA, Dr. Taddele Hagos expressed his gratitude on behalf of TDA staff members & the beneficiary community of Adibaerej. He added that TDA & A Glimmer of Hope has successfully completed Adi Baerej secondary school with a cost of 7.2 million birr and in general, phase I  Medebay Zana ICD program with the total cost of 32 million Birr.

According to the five years strategic plan of TDA, REST and A Glimmer of Hope, Medebay Zana ICD program will continue up to phase V with a total budget of 150 million Birr


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