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TDA Colourfully  inaugurated Awlaelo Secondary School - Wukro and Hawelti Semaetat E-library

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Tigray Development Association in collaboration with its branch office in North America and Municipalities of  Sheraro town and its residents have celebrated the inauguration of Muse preparatory school with the presence of elites and the Tigray Regional State President Ato Abay Weldu over whelmed the inauguration in February 2, 2009 e.c.

The President of the regional state of Tigray ato Abay Weldu opened the program of the inauguration on the role of TDA in the advancement and transition of the region and nation at large is inevitable. The President also made speech on the entitlement of the school by a hero Meritor Muse pleased and warned the residents of Tahtay Adyabo & Sheraro and students of the school have to protect and care and also be responsible citizens and attain gifts of the school.

Executive Director of TDA Dr. Tadele Hagos also reminded that education is the base for sustainable development and we are working hardly on schools for the attainment of Science and Technology and alleviation of poverty.

The director added that the investment on the school is the direct cost for sustainable growth and special thanks and praises is compulsory for too many hands to its inauguration.

Residents of the town Ato Lijalem G/medhin and Freweyni Kidanemariam commented on how to use the asset of the preparatory school effectively is mandatory for sustainable development.

Amdom Guesh who is to join the preparatory school praised and thanked TDA for building the new preparatory school on its own to the improvement of the teaching and learning process and fulfillment of teaching aids.  


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