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TDA Colourfully  inaugurated Awlaelo Secondary School - Wukro and Hawelti Semaetat E-library

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Tigray Development Association in collaboration with charitable associations is striving to agitate children’s ability to read and write for their future career’s strength and ability to solve problems.

The solar emitting energy funded by the little lamp has enabled 1000 students use electric city and this has empowered the students of Taget, Aynegba, Bamba to perform well in academy.

A student of Aynegba Primary school Sesen Mola who is a seventh grade and Hadush Gebremichael a student of Taget were the leading and reward the first little sun of the school.

The students of the school have viewed that they have been using traditional lamps and now they are very happy to use the little lamp funded by TDA and they promised they will be competent on nation and international level and they will compensate and help TDA when their vision comes.

Priest Shewit Weldegebriel and Mebrahtu Hailu on behalf of their students and daughters viewed they will play an important role in facilitating time study of their students and they praised TDA for provision of the little sun.

Head of the Woreda education office teacher Gebru Weldegebriel made a speech on quality of education comes not only on government endeavors but on collective arms of elites and  other  bodies. TDA  was working on this and still with us and thanked TDA for the provision of naming the little sun for facilitation of the teaching learning process.

Directorate Director of Soft programs of TDA ato Nigus Kebedom have explained TDA’s contribution on building of schools and sustenance of human development is not yet valued and currently donated 1000 little suns for 1000 students of the woreda. The director added the little suns which are provided to 1000 students of ranking 5 to 8 grade level should be well cared by the responsible bodies families and sons.


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ካብ ኣባህላታት መለስ

"ከምወትሩ፣ ከምህዝቢ፣ ከምስድራ፣ 

ነቓዕ እንተይገደፍኩም ከምእትዓስሉ 

ጥርጥር የብለይን፡፡"



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